Welcome to GeekyBears. This is the site for the Geeky Bears Facebook Group. If you are interested in joining us, please visit www.facebook.com/groups/geekybears

This is an LGBT group for bears, those that identify with the bear community, and bear admirers. We are a rapidly growing group and to maintain balance, we are limiting the people admitted to the group (See details below). The content in here may not be safe for work, as it may include sexual references and scantily clad men. Because of this adult content those under 18 will not be permitted.

When posting picture of yourself, please keep it PG-13. In these photos, the subject must be wearing underwear (not a jockstrap) or it needs to be cropped in a way where the viewer would not be seeing below the belt line. Finally, the focus of the picture should be of the person, not the underwear or the package in the underwear.

Geeky Bears is designed to be a drama free place. When making posts, we request that you show respect for other Geeky Bears members and administrators. Don’t insult others, don’t post Spoilers for Movies/TV Shows/Books (think of creative ways to talk about it without giving everything away), and DBAD (don’t be a douche) Sure there is desire to talk about those “OMG” moment, but don’t ruin it for the folks who haven’t experienced it yet. 

Please keep discussion on heated topics like politics and religion on a civil level. There may also be times of year or events where we may be more strict on topics to continue the mellow mood of the group. Geeky Bears is not intended to be a dating site. Please do not put requests for hookups on the main thread. 

The administrators reserve the right to delete any posts that are disruptive to the group. Those found to not be following these guidelines may be given a warning or removed from the group.

At this time, we are only allowing people in to the group if they have friends or have been added by friends in the group. If you would like to petition to have yourself added to the group, feel free to contact any of the admins and let them know that you're interested. Also let them know what words used the letter q in the description above (we want to see if you were actually reading)

Now that the stern stuff is out of the way, have fun, flirt, and enjoy the company of your fellow geeks.